Sunday, July 19, 2009

Family and holidays

We had such nice school holidays and I can not believe that 3 weeks are over! We were blessed with incredible sunny days for 2 weeks and being a winter rainfall area that was amazing!

Suzelle had her church winter camp again and we had the opportunity to go to PMR (Paardeberg Mountain Retreat) even though it was just to drop her. It is always so beautiful there! The Lord is so good in His provision for this project and this year they had and indoors hall so they could still have fun in case of rain. Alas, just like Wimbledon, it did not rain during the camps as it usually does and they did not need it as badly as other years. It was still used though and nobody complained about it not raining!

My parents came for a 2 week visit thanks to my sister who gave them plane tickets! We had a lovely time and as usual the time seemed too short! We went to Kirstenbosch National Botanical gardens, visit family in Strand and just hung around here enjoying each other's company, reading and eating of course! We were spoilt rotten and are so thankful for loving parents and grandparents!

On Friday we went to the hairdresser for a quick cleanup before school begins tomorrow :-(
Suzelle just got a trim but we cut Luzaan's hair in an old fashion bob again. This really suits her and she got so many compliments because of it!

David is off to Durban and Johannesburg again tomorrow and so we are back to normal with an enormous BANG! At least when he went away during the holidays my parents were here to keep me company. I'm not complaining though! We trust the Lord and believe that he is using this to prepare us for something. What that might be we have no idea!!

Well, off to bed to be ready for the next school term!