Thursday, August 25, 2011

Staying on track in a fallen world . . .

I found myself wondering why we get so caught up in our lives and are so easily distracted!

We so often focus on the wrong things - work problems, other peoples' mistakes and shortcomings, illness, etc.  Why is it that we so often return to what WE need?  We forget why we are really here while thinking: "If I can only get this work project done" OR "I just need to recover from this illness before I ..." OR "If only that person was not so difficult to get along with . . ." OR "I just need to get away for a while!" We are so easily distracted while we think we are still on the right track!  This makes us self-righteous!

I was told a story this morning about someone's life.  I do not agree with everything she says and does and therefore paid little attention to her life story.  I was so busy judging her way of doing things that I totally missed the absolute dedication with which she follows Jesus Christ and seek Him in EVERYTHING.  This inspired me!

This has actually been on my mind a lot lately and this morning's story just confirmed this to me!  Without even noticing, I was so busy committing the sin of judging people for the way they do things, that I did not notice that they are much more on fire for the LORD than I was!  We so often focus on other peoples' bad traits that we justify ourselves that way in stead of comparing ourselves with Christ.  We are so busy looking around that we forget to look to the Word!  We are so busy filling our souls with bad things from the world but say that we do not have the time to get quiet and spend time with God!  How can we reflect Him while we look away from Him all the time?

It is easier to follow the sinful path and sometimes we do not even know that we are on that path until we realise we can not find our way back on our own.  The reason for this is once again that we look to the wrong things!  We look for help from worldly sources for our problems and shortcomings!  We do it in so many ways without even knowing!  How patient and long-suffering our God is!?  If I think of how often I ask my children how many times I must say something before they listen and know that the Lord must feel that way, times 100!  How many times can I make the same wrong choice and yet He still patiently helps me back when I ask for His help!

I am confronted with my failure and just realise again how much I am in need of a Saviour and His perfect blood covering my unclean life!

What are you busy with?  Where are you looking to for help?  What are you trusting in? Friends, money, escapism (entertainment), food, doctors?  Which authority do you submit to?  Have you made the choice yet? You either submit to the worldly ruler or God - there is no in-between!

Lord, Please forgive me my many shortcomings and sins!  Help me to look only to You, to spend every possible moment in your presence so I can rightly reflect You and not my idea of You!  Help me to live this life for the benefit of others around me and not my own benefit!  I desire to live a life pleasing to You so that You may be glorified and not me!  Help me be vigilant so that I do not stray of the right path!  Show me Your ways!