Thursday, October 28, 2010

Luzaan and Isla

Love these photos of them! It is not very often that the puppies sleep on the girls' laps but they enjoy it very much when they do!
These puppies just have the cutest faces! Little bearded old men ;o) They have just as much personality and character as it seems when you look at them!

Friday, October 22, 2010


Suzelle has a subject called Arts and Culture and, as part of the assessment for that subject, they have to do a little dance at school! Well, today is the big day!

We are not dancers, so you can imagine how grateful I was when someone else's mom said that she'll help them to dance together! She worked out the steps and then taught them. It is a tango as you probably already gathered from the post heading. Eldie did it so tastefully and I was so impressed by the 2 kids!

The top and hair is for the dance today and then she will go put on a white skirt at school when it is time to do their dance! Will try to take a photo of her in the full costume later.

Had trouble uploading the images and have a photo of her full costume already. Apparently they were a hit! Soooo sorry we did not make a video of this!

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Tired little bunny ;o)

Luzaan's school has been busy with concert ever since she returned from school! Every year they have 12 concerts and this tires the children out tremendously!

This year is no different and they had their last concert today. (Hoooooorrayyyyy!) It is quite a time of pressure because they still have extra mural activities and then have to be at school at night! This means that we have less time to spend on homework.

I was quite disappointed this year because they seem to try to outdo themselves every year and then lower their moral standards in the process! All I can say is that the Lord was definately not glorified and I am sure that there were a few humans that were! It is so sad because they do not even realise this!

Anyway! The concert did have avery cute little bunny rabbit in it and we love her so much!

Long time . . .

It has been a long time since my last blog and so much has happened since.

While my sister was still here Luzaan ended up in hospital with a serious bacterial infection that started as a urinary tract infection. She had fevers of between 38 and 40.6 and was sick for a whole week and then still at home getting better for another! She's all recovered now and back at school. I learned something from her that normally would have seem so silly to me . . . When she first started feeling better, she prayed for her food in hospital and thanked the Lord for being able to eat again. It made me think of so many other things we take for granted everyday!

Just thought I'd share these beautiful king proteas with you! I bought them next to the side of the road for less than a normal bunch of flowers would've cost me and all the greenery came from our garden. This, along with another amazing sunset made me think that, if our God can create such glorious things, how awesomely glorious must He be in Person!

He is truly a wonderful God!

Saturday, September 25, 2010

Two lovely days

So much fun having my sister here! The last two days we have done touristy things and loved it! We went to Vergelegen (Lots of South African history and beautiful gardens!) and Seidelberg wine estate. The weather has been kind and the girls even got a bit too much sun today but it was lovely. We ended up having Cheese again tonight and loved it of course! Tomorrow we will be visiting family in Malmesbury and Monday. . . probably nothing ;o)

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

9 Days early

So, it seems Daddy was the most impatient one of the family and these little girls came home with us today!

Suzelle and Luzaan did not know wether we were joking or wether they could really get excited when we told them to pick up their puppies and lets go ;o) We had to tell them that we were not teasing but serious before they got excited.

Now for the hard work!

Monday, September 20, 2010

Luzaan's Weekend

Luzaan turned 8 on Sunday and she had her ballet concert this weekend! It was a special blessing!

On Saturday night, with her last concert for the weekend, she was just dropped at the venue and later David went to fetch her. She looked like such a grown up girl when she arrived back here with her bag over her shoulder . . . I was amazed how grown up an 8 year old can look and be and that my youngest had reached this stage already!

On the photos: Luzaan blowing out candles; Her cake; the most precious little silver star in the ballet concert - to me anyway; Daddy's little girl on her birthday; All dressed up to go to church on her birthday!

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Dress rehearsal

How is it possible to love one little person so much? I love these photos of her - it shows her personality (sunny, little shy sometimes, likes to dress up, social most of the time, loving)

The friends in these photos are the same age as her - they just have smaller parents ;o)

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Ballet costume, wonderful friends, garden, puppies

Hooray! The ballet costume is finished at last! Now all that's left is the dress rehearsal and then the concert next weekend. Then there's a photo of me and my wonderful friend, Efme. Without her help I would not have been able to make Luzaan's costume myself! Thanks Efme!

The beautiful bright flowers photo is of our front garden at the moment taken from where I stand to wash the dishes! I feel so blessed! Thank you, David, for all your hard work in the garden! I appreciate it!

Lastly we visited the puppies again. The time is drawing so near and we enjoy them even more every time we visit! Suzelle loved the one puppy in particular because it always came to her and played with her. She was able to call it hers because it is the only one in the litter with about 7 little white hairs under it's chin - so we already know which one is going to be Isla. We will still see about the second one, Maggie, since none of the others really stood out to us. We should be able to choose her by next week Monday. The excitement is unbearable, of course ;o)

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Tin cans, feathers and ribbon

I am not a flower arranger so I am very thankful for God's grace in this instance! I love doing things like this but that does not mean that it is always a success!

I offered to do the flowers for our church seminar on music in the service. The scary part was to get the idea in my head through my hands and be satisfied with the results. Well, I LOVE IT! The colour scheme is one of my favourites and I got the idea of the tin cans from someone else. Can't wait to see it at night!

Wish I was closer to my mom though because I'm sure she would love the colours as well and it is her birthday tomorrow.

Love you mom! Would have liked to be able to give you an arrangement like this for your birthday! Sorry to hear you are not feeling well! Hope you get well soon! Phone you tomorrow morning EARLY!


Went to see the puppies from the litter we have to choose from yesterday. What a treat!

They are starting to get those scruffy beards that is so characteristic of Scottish terriers ;o) The girls enjoyed it so and it was such a lovely day!

Here are some photos.

Sunday, August 22, 2010

Cheese platter at Fairview

We had a lovely time at Fairview the other morning! It was one of those spur of the moment things and I loved it!

We went for tea at Fairview and sat on their lovely stoep (porch?). We ended up having a cheese platter for two instead of cake or scones. What a lovely affordable thing it was! There were 10 different cheeses on the platter as well as a preserved orange with real farm butter and freshly baked bread on the side! We could not finish it and was allowed to take the rest home. All this for just R58! The tea and coffee was extra of course.

We also had the rare treat of watching weaver birds steal sugar and sweetner sachets from the tables and take it into the surrounding trees to peck at! Unfortunately I was unable to take photos of this because my phone's camera could not reach that far.

I highly recommend it for an affordable outing. Come visit us and we will take you there ;o)

Thursday, August 19, 2010

The views at our home

We love living here!

The photos with the white daisies were taken in front of our house looking towards it. You can see our yellow house on one of them. This piece of land is actually for building an extension of an existing highway and has been in planning since the 1970's. We doubt wether it will ever happen.

The photos with the yellow flowers are taken from our house looking over the farm and mountains behind the house. The flowers are canola fields that the farmer planted this year. It is beautiful but you can also tell by our nasal speech that it is in flower at the moment ;o)

Obviously these photos were taken at two very different times of the day.

We are so blessed and thankful for the time we are able to stay here!