Thursday, August 26, 2010

Tin cans, feathers and ribbon

I am not a flower arranger so I am very thankful for God's grace in this instance! I love doing things like this but that does not mean that it is always a success!

I offered to do the flowers for our church seminar on music in the service. The scary part was to get the idea in my head through my hands and be satisfied with the results. Well, I LOVE IT! The colour scheme is one of my favourites and I got the idea of the tin cans from someone else. Can't wait to see it at night!

Wish I was closer to my mom though because I'm sure she would love the colours as well and it is her birthday tomorrow.

Love you mom! Would have liked to be able to give you an arrangement like this for your birthday! Sorry to hear you are not feeling well! Hope you get well soon! Phone you tomorrow morning EARLY!


Went to see the puppies from the litter we have to choose from yesterday. What a treat!

They are starting to get those scruffy beards that is so characteristic of Scottish terriers ;o) The girls enjoyed it so and it was such a lovely day!

Here are some photos.

Sunday, August 22, 2010

Cheese platter at Fairview

We had a lovely time at Fairview the other morning! It was one of those spur of the moment things and I loved it!

We went for tea at Fairview and sat on their lovely stoep (porch?). We ended up having a cheese platter for two instead of cake or scones. What a lovely affordable thing it was! There were 10 different cheeses on the platter as well as a preserved orange with real farm butter and freshly baked bread on the side! We could not finish it and was allowed to take the rest home. All this for just R58! The tea and coffee was extra of course.

We also had the rare treat of watching weaver birds steal sugar and sweetner sachets from the tables and take it into the surrounding trees to peck at! Unfortunately I was unable to take photos of this because my phone's camera could not reach that far.

I highly recommend it for an affordable outing. Come visit us and we will take you there ;o)

Thursday, August 19, 2010

The views at our home

We love living here!

The photos with the white daisies were taken in front of our house looking towards it. You can see our yellow house on one of them. This piece of land is actually for building an extension of an existing highway and has been in planning since the 1970's. We doubt wether it will ever happen.

The photos with the yellow flowers are taken from our house looking over the farm and mountains behind the house. The flowers are canola fields that the farmer planted this year. It is beautiful but you can also tell by our nasal speech that it is in flower at the moment ;o)

Obviously these photos were taken at two very different times of the day.

We are so blessed and thankful for the time we are able to stay here!

A lovely Saturday afternoon!

We went to a very unique wedding in Rawsonville on Saturday afternoon. What made it so unique was that the bride and groom requested that the Gospel be preached instead of the usual wedding message. The reason for this was that they had many friends and family (including the father of the bride) present who was not saved.

After the tea we drove back home but, instead of taking the Hugenote tunnel as we did going, we decided to drive over the top. What a beautiful experience! I took these photos with my cellphone while driving. Just had to share it! It is just a pity that all the proteas and cone bushes that are in bloom nest to the side of the road does not show on the photos! It was breathtaking and I absolutely love drives like this!

Teachers' birthdays

Suzelle and Luzaan's teachers have their birthdays within a week from each other this year.
This is my contribution:

My personal favorite is the flower one because it looks bright and happy ;o) The other one is meant to look like something decadent you would find at a coffee shop.

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

On the phone with Ouma Lizette

Loved the way Luzaan did her own hair tonight and took some pictures of her while on the phone with my mother :o)

There's one of Suzelle as well but she did not give me as much time because she was not on the phone that long - less social :o)

Monday, August 2, 2010

The Ballet Costume

Some of you know by now that I have been struggling with a ballet costume for Luzaan's concert middle September. I am very uninformed as far as sewing is concerned and this has been a challenge but I also see it as my "sewing lesson" thanks to some good friends who are good at sewing! My friend Efme (Pronounced Ephmay for my American friends ;o) helped me sooo much by just showing me step by step what she did and helped me to copy it!

It is not quite done yet because tomorrow is D-day at ballet class. This means the teacher decides wether it is good enough or not. This dress is basically just hand sewn together in quite a few places in case she decides that I have to change something. Then the hem is also not cut to the length she wants it because we always wait until the very last with that so that all the costumes look the same.

Luzaan loves it and that is all the thank you a mommy needs! Well, here's a preview ;o) This will be worn with pink ballet stockings and shoes of course and not with bright blue socks as on the picture! :oD