Thursday, October 28, 2010

Luzaan and Isla

Love these photos of them! It is not very often that the puppies sleep on the girls' laps but they enjoy it very much when they do!
These puppies just have the cutest faces! Little bearded old men ;o) They have just as much personality and character as it seems when you look at them!

Friday, October 22, 2010


Suzelle has a subject called Arts and Culture and, as part of the assessment for that subject, they have to do a little dance at school! Well, today is the big day!

We are not dancers, so you can imagine how grateful I was when someone else's mom said that she'll help them to dance together! She worked out the steps and then taught them. It is a tango as you probably already gathered from the post heading. Eldie did it so tastefully and I was so impressed by the 2 kids!

The top and hair is for the dance today and then she will go put on a white skirt at school when it is time to do their dance! Will try to take a photo of her in the full costume later.

Had trouble uploading the images and have a photo of her full costume already. Apparently they were a hit! Soooo sorry we did not make a video of this!

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Tired little bunny ;o)

Luzaan's school has been busy with concert ever since she returned from school! Every year they have 12 concerts and this tires the children out tremendously!

This year is no different and they had their last concert today. (Hoooooorrayyyyy!) It is quite a time of pressure because they still have extra mural activities and then have to be at school at night! This means that we have less time to spend on homework.

I was quite disappointed this year because they seem to try to outdo themselves every year and then lower their moral standards in the process! All I can say is that the Lord was definately not glorified and I am sure that there were a few humans that were! It is so sad because they do not even realise this!

Anyway! The concert did have avery cute little bunny rabbit in it and we love her so much!

Long time . . .

It has been a long time since my last blog and so much has happened since.

While my sister was still here Luzaan ended up in hospital with a serious bacterial infection that started as a urinary tract infection. She had fevers of between 38 and 40.6 and was sick for a whole week and then still at home getting better for another! She's all recovered now and back at school. I learned something from her that normally would have seem so silly to me . . . When she first started feeling better, she prayed for her food in hospital and thanked the Lord for being able to eat again. It made me think of so many other things we take for granted everyday!

Just thought I'd share these beautiful king proteas with you! I bought them next to the side of the road for less than a normal bunch of flowers would've cost me and all the greenery came from our garden. This, along with another amazing sunset made me think that, if our God can create such glorious things, how awesomely glorious must He be in Person!

He is truly a wonderful God!