Saturday, September 24, 2011

A Rainbow Party . . .

We had Luzaan's party yesterday afternoon and it was such a blessed afternoon!

I loved getting ready for this party because the theme was so easy and fun!  Luzaan was really excited too and talked about it the whole week!  This is what the table looked like: (I think all the colours confused my camera because all the photos of the whole table are blurred ;)

Some of the girls invited has not been exposed to the Gospel and a rainbow party theme can mean so many things today that we wanted to put the focus on God and His character and creation.  We invited a wonderful older lady in our church to come and speak to them for just a few minutes!  She did it marvelously and the little girls literally hung onto every word she said!  She even went as far as writing a little song and having someone put it to music especially for the occasion!  It was such a blessed time! Here she is telling them about her treasure chest ;)  Look at the precious faces and expressions!

This was the first party, EVER, where the cake almost did not make it through the party!  We always had leftovers for weeks before and, being a six layer cake, I thought that it was a sure thing that this time would be not different!  We sang and clapped for her and then she made the first incision with the knife. I took over from there and when I took out the first slice, EVERY little girl and 'big girl' around the table were lining up for a piece ;)  The sweets, drinks, chips, popcorn and rainbow jello was forgotten!  The second favourite of the party was the rainbow jello.  Here's the cake before and after the cutting:

After the cake cutting and eating they all went outside to play and enjoyed it so much!  I was so thankful for the weather because it is always cold and rainy on Luzaan's birthday!  Later I called them inside four at a time to make their own flower pencils to take home with the thank-you-notebooks I had prepared for them!  What a joyous day it was!  Thank you Lord for our Luzaan and for sisters in Christ who can help us make an ordinary birthday another chance of sharing the Gospel!

Wild flowers family day

We decided to drive and see the wild flowers last Saturday.  We only left after 10 am but we so enjoyed the day!

David went to empty our postbox on Saturday morning after we decided to go the the West Coast National Park to see the flowers.  He discovered a pamphlet advertising a wild flower show in Mamre and we changed our route to include this.

We ended up having lunch in Mamre (R40 for a massive plate with salads and braaivleis/barbeque with the meat covering more than half the plate ;), seeing a beautiful exhibit with indigenous wild flowers and a stunning old Moravian church!

After this we took the road through Darling to the West Coast National Park, seeing beautiful flowers along the road!  On arriving at the Park we realised that the coastal regions do not have the same vegetation and therefore no wild flowers!  We were so thankful for the pamphlet and knowing the Lord's provision for us.  We made a u-turn and went back the way we came!  This time, however, we stopped at the orchid show in Darling and what a beautiful blessing that was!  We 'oohed and aahed' about all the flowers and it was such a pretty sight!  Needless to say - we came back with our first ever orchids! (see the two orchid photos)

Our last stop was Malmesbury for some ice cream at KFC.

In hindsight:  I loved everything but the best part about the day was having David all to myself all day and being able to just talk about everything we never get the chance for!  The girls were nodding off in the back of the Kombi and popped their heads up every now and then and got out when we stopped somewhere so it was a partial rest day for them ;)