Monday, February 14, 2011

U2 fever!

I have sent this out by email before and apologise to all who have already seen it but with U2 being in SA and the fever running quite high, I thought it will not be a waste to reprint my research.


I have been curious about Bono confessing that he is Christian and googled it quite a bit this afternoon.

I came to the conclusion that, although he said that he is, his language has not changed and he is focusing on the wrong things. he is so focused on giving humanitarian relief and says nothing about their souls being lost and going to hell. He is not evangelising them! He talks about it not being a case of charity but of justice and equality. In other words if we see Africans as our equals, we would help feed them so that they can be on the same level as us physically, but he says nothing of taking the Gospel to them.

Now if we help them physically and not spiritually, everything we do for them is useless! Ultimately it will all come to nothing! I realise that we have to give them food and clothing but not instead of the Gospel!

He talks about the Bible mentioning the poor more than 2100 times, but in actual fact there are only 141 pieces of scripture that mentions the poor according to my MacArthur topical Bible. (I guess he got his info from Tony Campolo who also gives a similar number). So did he actually read the Bible on this or is he merely following someone else?

I am not saying that he is not saved because it is not my place to judge as it is something between him and God. Maybe it is his immature faith that is leading him down the wrong path.

These are my thoughts. I just think he is to liberal and although he does all these things it does not prove anything, escept maybe that he has a high profile and a heart to help the poor, but then so did Mother Theresa. All I know is that I can not support someone who says nothing about the spiritual wellbeing of those he is trying to help.

Liefde-groete in Jesus Christus!
Annalize Breytenbach

PS: This is my (Annalize's) research and writing