Thursday, October 21, 2010

Tired little bunny ;o)

Luzaan's school has been busy with concert ever since she returned from school! Every year they have 12 concerts and this tires the children out tremendously!

This year is no different and they had their last concert today. (Hoooooorrayyyyy!) It is quite a time of pressure because they still have extra mural activities and then have to be at school at night! This means that we have less time to spend on homework.

I was quite disappointed this year because they seem to try to outdo themselves every year and then lower their moral standards in the process! All I can say is that the Lord was definately not glorified and I am sure that there were a few humans that were! It is so sad because they do not even realise this!

Anyway! The concert did have avery cute little bunny rabbit in it and we love her so much!

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