Monday, August 2, 2010

The Ballet Costume

Some of you know by now that I have been struggling with a ballet costume for Luzaan's concert middle September. I am very uninformed as far as sewing is concerned and this has been a challenge but I also see it as my "sewing lesson" thanks to some good friends who are good at sewing! My friend Efme (Pronounced Ephmay for my American friends ;o) helped me sooo much by just showing me step by step what she did and helped me to copy it!

It is not quite done yet because tomorrow is D-day at ballet class. This means the teacher decides wether it is good enough or not. This dress is basically just hand sewn together in quite a few places in case she decides that I have to change something. Then the hem is also not cut to the length she wants it because we always wait until the very last with that so that all the costumes look the same.

Luzaan loves it and that is all the thank you a mommy needs! Well, here's a preview ;o) This will be worn with pink ballet stockings and shoes of course and not with bright blue socks as on the picture! :oD


Elizma said...

Dis baie mooi! Sy lyk soos 'n prinses. Ek's wel geingedruk met jou skills ;-) Ek kan nie eers 'n kussingsloop maak nie!

Annalize said...

Haha! Die grap is: ek ook nie ;oD Ek leer hierdie goed maar soos ons dit nodig het en word elke keer by die diepkant in gegooi! Ek kan nie vir jou se hoe baie Efme my gehelp het nie! Sy is seker al moeg vir my stem ;o) Gelukkig kan ek goed copy al is ek nie baie oorspronkllik nie ;o)