Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Ballet costume, wonderful friends, garden, puppies

Hooray! The ballet costume is finished at last! Now all that's left is the dress rehearsal and then the concert next weekend. Then there's a photo of me and my wonderful friend, Efme. Without her help I would not have been able to make Luzaan's costume myself! Thanks Efme!

The beautiful bright flowers photo is of our front garden at the moment taken from where I stand to wash the dishes! I feel so blessed! Thank you, David, for all your hard work in the garden! I appreciate it!

Lastly we visited the puppies again. The time is drawing so near and we enjoy them even more every time we visit! Suzelle loved the one puppy in particular because it always came to her and played with her. She was able to call it hers because it is the only one in the litter with about 7 little white hairs under it's chin - so we already know which one is going to be Isla. We will still see about the second one, Maggie, since none of the others really stood out to us. We should be able to choose her by next week Monday. The excitement is unbearable, of course ;o)

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