Wednesday, June 16, 2010

We have such a beautiful country!!!!

We went to fetch the girls from camp this morning and I was so sorry that I did not take my camera along!

I took some photos with my phone and am quite pleased with the quality of some of them! These were taken on the way back home. Cape Town is a beautiful place to be - even in Winter!

The first photo is of the blushing bride protea David and the girls gave me for mother's day last year! It is sooooo beautiful now and covered with flowers! There are so many flowers this year!

Enjoy and praise the Creator God with me for the beauty He gave us!


Elizma said...

Die foto's is stunning, kan nie glo dis met jou foon geneem nie!!!!

Annalize said...

Dankie! Met my foon terwyl ons gery het! Ek kan dit ook nie glo nie!