Saturday, July 3, 2010

Did the Fan Walk

We did the Fan Walk in Cape Town today and it was quite an experience! We are not huge sport fans but felt we had to do it because we would probably not get the opportunity again.

The atmosphere is amazing and people are all happy and the friendly banter between the German and Argentinian supporters(before the game of course) is quite amusing. We went into the train station which in itself is quite something since normally I would not dare to go there! The streets belong to the pedestrians as well and you can see, on the photo with Lion's Head in the background and A supporter in the foreground, that the drivers became quite desperate! People would just keep crossing the street even though the traffic light has turned. Everyone acts crazy and blows their vuvuzelas and you get quite swept up in the vibe.

It got me thinking though and I was pondering a few questions. Is it healthy as a Christian to get so involved in sport? When we look back after the World Cup, what would we have achieved for the Lord? Everything is beautiful and it is wonderful that all people get along but what eternal value does that have? Did Satan just manage to shift our focus away from what is important by the excitement of all that is happening around us? I do not mean to be pessimistic or negative but I believe that we are here for something much different and less worldly and materialistic. I am not against sport or watching and enjoying it but all with balance.

I loved the Fever trees covered with brightly colored cloth in Adderley Street! We also loved the Tree aloes there! I guess I am more a person who likes peace and quiet of nature ;o)

I will be posting 2 of these so that I can add some more photos.

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