Monday, February 20, 2012

My first two paintings

This was the painting that I started with!  Afterwards the teacher told me that she thought I was being a bit ambitious but she let me do it anyway because that was what I wanted to do.  (I love that about her!  She is very encouraging no matter what I attempt to do!)  I really wanted to do this one because it is the view from our house over the neighbouring farm's canola fields towards the Stellenbosch mountains (the main one being called Simonsberg after Simon van der Stel, one of our first governors).

I loved this second one because I LOVE this colour and it was quick to do (being smaller with a few less details ;) but I do realise that I have much to learn still.

I will not be blogging about painting for quite a while since I only get to paint every second week (maybe) and that means it takes forever to finish something! For now I am enjoying the journey especially since I do not have that much time to paint! I am still trying to decide what my next project should be.  Any ideas?


Riette said...

Daardie uitsig skildery bly so mooi vir my. Conrad se dis baie goed

Annalize said...

Die foto lyk baie mooier as die skildery, maar ek moet iewers begin! Thanks Conrad ;)