Thursday, November 13, 2008

Luzaan's Music Year End

Luzaan had her year end music demonstration for the parents today!  She enjoyed the music so much and could not wipe the smile off her face!  She received a certificate, but, contrary to what you may believe that was not the reason for the smile on the first photo!  It was the small box of smarties that accompanied it!  

It was amazing to see how those little ones can read music and pauses and know which line of notes they have to play!  They also did some Irish dance (Arms over each other) and I could see that music and dance are two of the things she loves most! 

It was also special because it was one of few times David could be there during the day and she enjoyed having her daddy there!

I can not believe this is my baby and she is preparing to go to Grade 1 next year!

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