Sunday, November 9, 2008

Our 2 week holiday in Johannesburg

We had a wonderful time in Gauteng with my family!  We enjoyed every minute of it!  We went to Monte Casino for icecream, picnic in the Botanical garden and Ouma grootjie (great grandma's) bithday.  The children were spoiled, of course, and we shopped till we dropped.  We did not spend that much money, but it was such lovely social events every time!  

The children and I got to meet their cousin, 5 month old Liam, who was here from England for great grandma's 80th birthday!  They enjoyed him so much and asked for photos to put up in their rooms.  When they say they miss someone from there it is Oupas, Oumas and Liam!  Elizma, thank you for spoiling them so with those lovely gifts! 

Pictured above are in order:  my sister Elizma and her 5 month old son Liam (we fell in love with him!), Ouma Grootjie (great grandma , 80) and Liam, the three cousins and lastly Liam.


Riette said...

Can see he's family!!

Leon said...

Was soooooo lekker om julle te sien!

Liam se hy mis ook alklaar sy niggies ;-)