Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Another first, this time a school day!

Luzaan had her first day of 'big school' today. She was so excited, that she told me last night that she is going to wake up early this morning, before us, and dance for joy in front of the fan. (I'm assuming that is because it has been so hot here lately!) Well, she did not, but was wide awake as soon as I woke her and dressed before you could say get dressed! Fortunately at their school this time of year it is only a dress they have to put on since they go to school barefoot.

She was so excited that she forgot to eat while speculating about all the things they were going to do today! So like her! She was excited and calm at the same time. In no particular hurry or worried that we might be late. No drama! She was her sunny smiley self this morning!

On the photos they are holding beaded floral decorations I helped them make this holiday. When I asked them what they were going to do with it, they said they wanted to give them to their teachers.

Sorry, photos will have to follow later, since I am having trouble uploading them again.

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