Thursday, January 15, 2009

Summer Officially Here

Well, not exactly what you expected, hey? Here in our neighbourhood a Cape Cobra as visitor is a reality! This one must have been killed by our dog between seven and nine o'clock when I found it dead in our garden! David was out there this morning watering and did not see it!

It is about 75cm long and 15mm in diameter. I took photo's of it next to a 1 meter, 20mm pvc pipe for proportions. It is a beautiful yellow copper colour with an orange maybe even red copper stripe down it's back and the belly is like a pearl.

Thank goodness for dogs even though they can sometimes be a nuisance!


Elizma said...

Jeees! Dis mos nogals 'n giftige ding! Ek het gaan lees dat dit 'n 60% mortality rate het...

Danie en Lizette said...

Liewe aarde! Baie bly die kinders of een van julle was nie in die omtrek nie. Hoop Stripper is Ok?