Friday, April 24, 2009

Aaaah! Cyber fix!

The lightning struck our modem yesterday afternoon and as a result I felt lost for 36 hours! I could not get the news or stay in contact and it was awful! It only made me realise how addicted I am to the internet!

Here are a few updates:
The house is still not finished and it turns out that it is going to need a 3rd layer of paint. Looking very good so far though!

The girls had a little tea party this afternoon on the front lawn. It is amazing what little things make them extremely happy! All I did was give them a whole pot of tea (4 cups), some 100's and 1000's, coloured sugar and caramel choc chips. It kept them busy for more than an hour because they were drinking the tea out of 10 ml porcelain cups!

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