Monday, April 6, 2009

The Tooth Mouse

Luzaan pulled her first top tooth on Friday morning (well, she actually pushed it out with her tongue, it was so loose). She put the tooth in her shoe by her bedroom door.

Later I gave David the money to put in her shoe because I was going to bed and was worried that she was not sleeping deep enough and would see me.

On Saturday morning I woke up with a soft crying. David was awake in a flash sitting up and saying that he forgot to put the money in her shoe! We told her that it had rained and maybe the mouse got lost or did not feel like going out in the rain. Not long after this David put the money in her shoe but she did not notice untill after we had been out. This worked well for us of course because she believed that the mouse had been while we were out!

The best part though was when Suzelle came to me and quietly asked whether the tooth mouse was real. I asked her what she thought and she said no. I then told her that in that case the tooth mouse would not be visiting her anymore to which she, without even thinking about it, replied: "No, but my mommy will!" She is so sharp and what could I say?! A little while later she came to me and softly, so that Luzaan could not hear, said: "So that's why Luzaan and I are getting the exact same amount for each tooth!" I didn't even know but she was obviously keeping score!

We are amazed at the things the children pick up on every day and are enjoying seeing them grow and seeing their sense of humour develop along with the many sayings they are already able to use in very appropriate places! They are also very bilingual (not surprising since their daddy is English) and Suzelle has even started using English sayings! I know this is helped on by her love of reading in both languages.

We have an appointment tomorrow with a friend who had twins in February and later we are going to Grotto Bay on the west coast for an overnight stay with Rista and her children while David is in Johannesburg again. The children does not know yet and I will try to keep it a secret untill we go, but it will be difficult to pack without them noticing!

Will post some photos when we are back. Or try at least since Easter weekend is upon us already!

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