Friday, May 8, 2009

Busy, busy, busy

So much has happened since I last updated and I did not get a chance to uplaod anything at the moment.  I have a facebook profile and it is much quicker to do it there.  This will probably have to happen in parts since I can only uplaod 5 photos at a time.

Firstly,  our house is YELLOW!  It looks so much better, fresher and cleaner!  The outside braai area has been painted with brown because the wind blows the soot out of it and makes the front black anyway.  I thought it looked good with the wood stacked underneath it.  

Secondly, David has been very busy in the garden and cleaned and planted one of the beds in the front garden.  It has amazed us how hard the soil is and how long the preparation takes because of having to sieve the soil to get the stones out and to work the compost in!  It looks so good though!

Thirdly, I was invited to a charity tea on Wednesday morning.  We were told to dress according to the country our table's country.  Well, being a French table, I decided to go as an artist.  I had a white long sleeve T-shirt with a red short sleeve T-shirt over it with blue jeans for the flag colours. Then I put on my painting overall coat full of paint with paintbrushes, a pallet knife and blue, white and red paint in the pockets. Lastly I had a scarf around my neck and a paintbrush on my ear.  BUT I WAS THE ONLY ONE THAT ACTUALLY DRESSED ACCORDINGLY!!!!!!  Apparently some of the hostesses did not tell their guests to dress like that and then the others let their guests know to not do it and I was the only one that did not know!  Well, I did not let it bother me and just carried on.  I usually stick out like a sore thumb at things like this because I am not a dressy person.  What would you call this?????

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