Friday, May 8, 2009


Luzaan had her first (and probably last, since she is in the F team) game in netball on Wednesday afternoon.  She played well  when she was not in her own world or staring at the other girls!  It was so funny to see the grade ones!  They concentrate so much on not standing still that they let the ball go right past them!  They also do not really understand the game that well.  I enjoyed watching it!

Suzelle had an English oral exam this week and the theme was my exotic holiday home.  While talking about it on Monday she decided that she wants to make it a sweet island.  We made an island cake and that was her visual aid.  From the cake she decided what she wants to say about it and it was quite cute!  She said her house was made of wafer biscuits and chocolate wafer sticks for a roof.  The house does not have a kitchen because everything on the island is edible!  There is no bedroom or bed because on her island no children have to sleep.  There is no bathroom because children do not like to bath.  The garden has coconut trees, a lollipop flower bed, mint grass and even the weeds are flower sweets.  She does not have earth worms but jelly worms instead.  The animals in the sea are all playful and friendly, even the shark.  She goes swimming and snorkeling with them and lounge in jelly tubes and afterwards she can eat them.  She so looked forward to this oral!  She usually hates them! 

Today we had 6 little girls here.  They were very good though and played together without incidents all afternoon.  Two of them only left at 17h30.  They enjoyed the netball pole we were given the other day, played on the trampoline bouncing each other,  ran across the lawn trying to not get wet by the sprinkler, played board games and played with small animal toys upstairs. They seemed to really enjoy themselves!

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