Saturday, August 29, 2009

Our Awesome God!

On Friday morning, while driving home from dropping the girls at school, I saw this incredible thing! I love sunrises and always look at the sky. This morning was no different except that I had such a wonderful surprise! You will understand by just looking at the photos.

David has decided to do a degree in Theology and we are so excited! It is not a normal University degree though. It is done through our church with the church planter pastor and the degree is registered with Potch University (or North West university, if I recall correctly). We have been attending classes for more than a year already but just casually for the knowledge and without doing all the assignments and exams. The knowledge we get from here is mind blowing and enlightening at the same time! Don't think we have ever had so much Biblical stimulation before. This is a bit scary though 'cause the word says: to whom much has been given, much will be required! Please pray for us both as the training involves us both even though I am not doing the degree. Pray that we will be faithful and have our priorities straight in order for this to be done to His glory.

The girls are doing fine and are excited since the school is starting to prepare for their annual concert. It is a massive thing every year and the children get all hyped! They are also enjoying the fact that David and I attend these classes 'cause it is two hours at church every other Sunday and they love to play there! Suzelle is also preparing to go to her new school next year since the schools here are divided into grades 1,2&3 and then another for grades 4-7. They always feel so grown up when they get to move up to the next school ;)

I have been knitting away since my sister introduced me to Fuzzy Mitten (web page by the same name) patterns of the cutest little animals you have ever seen! I now have a hard time doing work instead of knitting! I could justify knitting since it is for Luzaan's birthday but that is not quite right, I think. I will post some photos at a later date because my sister also reads this blog and what her son's look like is a surprise till 3 September, when they will receive it;)

Have to go do some work now, so, till another time:

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