Thursday, August 20, 2009

Tea for one together ;o)

The children had a tea for one together tonight. All this means is that they each have a set with a saucer, cup and teapot that fits on top of the cup. I was given one a couple of years ago and Ouma also had one that she sent for Suzelle since she loves tea so much.

They made themselves tea in their little pots and enjoyed it so much to be able to pour it again and again. This is only because they drink so much milk with it. The teapot actually only holds enough for one cup, hence tea for one.

We have been very blessed in the sense that we have not really been sick this winter. Suzelle had tonsilitis but we gargled it away with salt water!

Life has been very exciting but not in a worldly sense. We are so blessed in our church and love our church family so much. We get challenged and encouraged every Sunday and I love it! It makes me strive towards being a better witness and getting closer to God. Sundays are by far our busiest day but I love it!

We have been going to class with the Theology students at our church for a while now and it is such a blessing and so enriching! It has been a voluntary thing and we could just come to grow in knowledge and it has been very good! It helped us understand things I had never even considered and showed us just how amazing the Lord is in His sovereign plan of redemption! This quarter David decided to do it as a registered student and to work towards getting his degree. The classes are still the same but now he will have to hand in projects in order for him to be evaluated. The pastors involved with this has been very excited and said that this is the best time in one's life to do it. Now for the hard work. Even though I will be doing it as I have been doing all along, there will also be other training involved because they do not just train the husband but the wife as well. We do not know what the future holds and where the Lord might want to use us but we decided that we would be better equipped to be used by Him after we have gone through this. Please pray for us that we would be faithful and use our time wisely. We have the desire to serve and please the Lord but also know that we are weak. We find comfort in the fact that He is strong in our weakness but please pray for us that we would have the wisdom to recognize our weakness and ask Him to be our strength in those circumstances. Also pray that we will do nothing in our own strength! We are so excited!

Not much news as far as amount is concerned, I know, but a magnitude as far as the importance goes ;o) Thank you that we can know that you will be in this with us through prayer!

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