Thursday, June 16, 2011

Before and after - when old furniture becomes new . . .

The newly covered lounge furniture cushions arrived this afternoon and I am very happy about it!  They are still stiff and so not seem to fit the couch well but that will soon change with all the sitting being done there ;o)

It was quite exciting to be able to unpack the scatter cushions that I bought about 8 years ago (yes you read right ;o) and they are such a perfect fit!  Luzaan was quite a little helper as well;  helping me get the scatter cushions out of the cupboard, putting away the games that were on top of the box with cushions, taking the tags off the cushions and getting rid of the rubbish!  All without me even asking!  She's such a little sunshine!

There are new rules for the lounge now - as can be expected - no drinking or eating on the chairs or couch and no lying on the scatter cushions.  Rules that were in place before still counts of course:  one of them being "NO FEET ON THE FURNITURE"!!!!

After the cushions were delivered we had a celebratory tea and finished a whole box of Romany Cream biscuits with our tea!  We never have that many biscuits at once but we saw this as a special occasion ;o)

The only drawback now is that the curtains look as old as they really are :o)  That will just have to wait until we've saved up the money needed to do what we planned there!


Riette said...

Ag dis nou lekker!!! GENIET!!

Linnie said...

O! Dit is pragtig!
Lekker naweek!