Tuesday, June 14, 2011

New look

I recently saw someone else's blog with the most beautiful background and just had to change mine!  I wanted something fun and colourful and this is the one I chose.  It is very girly, I know, but it has my favorite colour (turquoise) in it!  My apologies to the guys who follow this blog ;o)

There are still a few niggling things I have to sort out (like the tag over the new post dat) but that will happen over time.

Hope you enjoy this new beginning with me!


Riette said...

So cute!!

Linnie said...

Kyk of jy die kode bo-aan die hele blog ingesit het of aan die regterkant van die blog. Ons s'n is aan die regterkant van die blog bladsy.
Dit is pragtig!