Monday, February 20, 2012

My first try at Copic markers

I discovered the wonderful things that can be done with copic markers through the paper craft sites I like to visit.  Copic markers are alcohol based markers that blends and looks like you have painted instead of colouring! There is so much to learn about them and I wish that I had discovered this blog article Choosing copic colors before I started to buy my copics.  Through Theresa's article I was introduced to Marianne Walker, a copic certified artist and this (Natural blending families) post.  I learned so much about how the numbering system for copics work! Please do yourself a favour and visit these sites first!  These two ladies do beautiful things and visiting is so worth while!

Now for my first stamped and coloured image!

The lighting was bad and that is why this image looks pink.  I did not think my first attempt was bad but you can spot the mistakes - the greens on the cake are not blending at all and in her hair you can see some "auburn" spots that did not blend with the other colours either!

My second attempt was better -

See how the pinks on the cake blends better?  This is the extra one I made to start my copic portfolio and that is why I added all the colour names next to the image.  I love this little lady!  So cute!

Hope this helps you in your "copic adventures" ;)


Riette said...

Sjoe dit lyk fantasties!!

Annalize said...

Dankie Riette! Hou so baie van die helder kleure!