Saturday, February 28, 2009

The Lord is gracious!

We have been getting people to give us quotes for painting our house.  It has been a frustrating process with people arriving at our door saying someone sent them for a quote and we do not even know who the person is that sent them!

Eventually we had someone here that I liked very much (also recommended by someone I trust!) and we are currently waiting for his quote.

We have also been doing this even though we do not really have the cash because it is something that we felt is long overdue.  

Well, the Lord has blessed us  by giving David a bonus at a time we did not expect it at all!  As everywhere, our economy is not at its greatest and people at David's company has been retrenched.  There were also a couple financially bad things that happened in the company last year like international clients not paying for a job of millions of US dollars.  As you can imagine, we were not even thinking that maybe there would be a bonus even though part of David's contract is profit share!

Now we can paint our house cash and help someone we know are in terrible need!  

Praise the Lord with us today for His mercy and grace and loving kindness!  His mercies are truly new every morning!  To Him be the glory and honour and power forever!  Amen!

So, watch this space because hopefully soon we will be able to post before and after photo's!   

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