Friday, February 20, 2009

Massive construction OR destruction?

The farmer, whose farm borders our yard, is busy with a massive preparation job!  For months now he has had heavy duty machinery (earth moving equipment) moving and reshaping the fields. 

It has been very interesting to watch and even more interesting to speculate about what he is going to plant here next.  The whole field has been reshaped in waves similar to that in which they plant vineyards except  that it is much bigger and to far apart to be for vineyards.  

At the moment they are busy excavating and removing massive rocks from the ground!  The rocks are so big that, sitting on my bed folding washing, I could feel and hear the headboard vibrating when they load the rocks on the big trucks!  Here are some photos with one of the big rocks.  It is difficult to really see the size because of being on the ground and that is why I included the "bakkie" and machine in the photo.

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