Friday, February 20, 2009

Quite a challenge!

We've had 6 little girls at our house this afternoon and it is quite a challenge.  The rules had to be very clear!

I have the privilege of looking after my friend's 8 year old daughter, Mieke, in the afternoons. She is a lovely little girl and we are enjoying having her here! This is why there were 6 here!  If I invite a friend for every one of mine it comes to 6!

They get quite rowdy even though they are girls!  The rules also had to be strict for the pool to prevent accidents.  The girls enjoy being so many friends and they can play all kinds of games you need lots of children for. We could also have a mini party with sweets and chips after swimming.

The children are from left Mieke (back), Elizabeth, Suzelle, Luzaan, Safre and Elseke.

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