Sunday, March 29, 2009

At last! They're here!

We were blessed this weekend in so many ways and want to share them with you!

Firstly my sister, Elizma, who lives in Londen, came for a short visit arriving Thursday, 11 am and leaving again today at 1 pm. It was so nice to have her and her precious baby boy here for the past 3 days! He is gorgeous and qute and fun to be around and she spoiled us rotten! The girls are absolutely in love with their 10 month old cousin, Liam. We wanted to go for a picnic int the Kirstenbosch Botanical Gardens on Friday but it was raining and ended up staying home. On Saturday was Elizma's wedding anniversary and her husband asked me to get her some chocolates. When I heard she was up at 6 am (babies tend to make you get up so early!) Suzelle and I took her the chocolates and us girls celebrated her anniversary by having chocolates at 6 am! We went for a walk in the servatude across from us and Liam got so excited! You can see it on one of the photos. Later we went for coffee at Dulces in Durbanville and the girls enjoyed climbing in and out of a large wild fig tree! They also enjoyed pushing Liam in his pushchair and giving him a push on the swing for which he rewarded them with very loud giggles! It was sad to see Elizma and Liam go today and we all shed some tears but are greatful that we had the opportunity to visit with them!

Luzaan had an island party on Saturday and enjoyed it very much! They had to wear island/beach clothes and take their swimsuits and she chose to wear a dress her aunt Danita bought her and had a frangipangi flower in her hair.

On Saturday night we had a "Sacred Concert" at church and it was called that because it was partly an evangelistic outreach as well as it was meant to be God glorifying. Our pastor's wife organised the concert and sang many songs herself and it was obvious why she chose those songs by just listening to the words! What an experience it was! It was amazing to see so many people using their talent for music to glorify Him and to spread the Gospel! As someone who is saved already it was such a comforting evening and it brought peace to my heart! For those who might have attended who were not saved it was a wonderful call to come to the Lord! Our choir also sang and I can not wait to receive the DVD to hear what we sound like to other people.

This morning at church we had the induction of our new pastor as the church planter pastor we had is moving on to other church plants. It was quite and emotional event and we are so greatful for our spiritual family and home! The Lord truly blesses us through them and we find comefort in their love when we are far from loved ones! The Lord is Gracious and Loving and Kind to us even though we do not deserve it!

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Elizma said...

Baie dankie vir 'n lekker kuier. Liam het dit net so baie geniet. Zella en Zanie: Dankie vir al die babysitting! Liam is baie lief vir julle en sal julle baie mis.