Monday, March 9, 2009

Looking better!

Well, it has been a frustrating and disappointing week as far as the borehole is concerned! It is amazing how impatient one gets when something does not go as quickly or smoothly as you want!

The drilling continued through the rock this morning after we were disappointed this weekend about the small amount of water we got! It was a bit irritating though since we organised a tea for someone's birthday at our house this morning and then he was making a big noise with the air pressure drill. I prayed this morning that he would finish early with the drill but instead the Lord organised it that his drill would have a leaking pipe. Gordon stopped drilling because of it just after the tea started and only came back after fixing the leak as the tea ended! God is so gracious!

Well, from the photos you can see that there is definately more water now and Gordon said he is impatient to get the drill pipes out so he can start pumping to see how much water there is! If he is so excited that he is impatient, it means that we should have enough water and the exercise was not for nothing!

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