Saturday, March 21, 2009

See the difference!!!!!

Well it has been 2 weeks since we started really watering the garden from our borehole and the difference is amazing!

It feels like freedom being able to just let the water run all the time and think that it is not costing us money! The biggest visible difference is the lawn that has gone from a dusty brown to a luminous green in places! I have included one of the photos I took while they were still busy so you could see the comparison between then and now because just seeing the now will not be very impressive if you see it on its own.

All the water makes the weeds grow faster as well though and David had to spray them this morning before they get too big! It is very obvious that where the grass is thick and more established the weeds are not doing so well, but it is going to take time for the grass to cover everywhere.

We are thankful for the water we are getting and it is not an ocean full but more than enough for our garden and so clean that we can drink it! We can constantly spray for 3 hours (the max time we have had at once to time it) and all you need is enough to spray 10 minutes a day! At the moment we are waiting for our pump and Gordon has fetched his to test another borehole, so we will not be able to water this week. David is going to try to make a plan today, so that we can at least water some things without having to use municipality water.

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